Aspiredtech Organizes Free Lecture on Launch Day.

Aspiredtech organized free lecture on the day of launch. On the day people were invited to receive a free 1 day lecture. The lecture talked about many things about the internet marketing and business of the internet, it was hosted 2 times in the week, the first one took place in the weekend of Saturday, the 2nd of April, while the other one was on the midweek of Wednesday 6th of April.


Out of the many interesting things, this is just a few of the things that i taught to attendees.

To open their eyes to the opportunities in internet business

To explain some concepts of how internet business works

The 3 specialized areas of internet marketing explained

Question and Answer time regarding the lecture.

Information about joining the training was discussed.

Many other things were discussed like making money online and so much more.



The aim of the lecture at Aspiredtech included:

To stricken a special interest in the program for attendees.

To turn prospective attendees into students of the training.


At the end of the program edition on Saturday 2nd April one of the lady who attended showed her appreciation, on Wednesday 6th, one of the attendee encouraged and showed appreciation to the program by initiating a round of applause which others followed after, it gave me a moment to also appreciate myself and my work, it was quite emotional, later on he went on to give his own comment. The Free lecture program was initiated by I, the Chief Executive Officer CEO. Of Aspiredtech.

kindly drop your comments.

Thanks for Reading, hope to see you soon.


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