Introduction to Internet Marketing


My name is Ali Abubakar, the Chief Executive Officer of Aspiredtech, I began my journey 2 years ago, it was a prosperous & fruitful journey for many reasons besides money, I will reveal one of them and this reason is the ability it has given me to stand in front of you to give professed value through the several experiences I have gone through, for this alone I thank the almighty, through the journey he put me to.

The internet is the new medium which has given people the power to achieve many things, it is highly influenced by technology, it has made great things to happen to many people and organizations, it has created real wealth for many people, in-fact the internet has made a great change in the world we live.

The internet has led to an increasingly connected environment and marketing in this connected environment and using that connectivity to market refers to internet marketing.

Internet marketing allows for the utilization of the connectivity of the internet to create and design business, Internet Marketing can be defined as the use of the Web, E-mail and Social media marketing to drive sales and leads from web sites with the use of advertising and marketing efforts.

Internet marketing embraces a wide range of strategies, but what underpins successful eMarketing is a user centric and interconnected approach to these strategies.

Every aspect of internet marketing is digital, meaning it is electronic information that is transmitted on a computer or similar device, though naturally it can tie in with traditional offline advertising methods too.

The internet is the most exciting form of entrepreneurship, with the internet making money online becomes fun.


Specialized Areas of Internet Marketing

They are 3 which consist of Web marketing, E-mail marketing and social media marketing.

Conerstone Principles of Internet Marketing

The 3 principles of internet marketing should always be considered as factors that will ensure success of a business online. The 3 principles of internet marketing include immediacy, personalization and relevancy.


You can sit down and create something you are passionate about and work on your own schedule, work where you like, you can network with the people you like, ability to create your own opportunities, develop and sell products & services your love. You can actually create a website, talk about the things you love by providing information on them and make money in the process, you make money through the information and products you provide for the web.



We have come to the end of this article, the specialized areas and cornerstone principles of internet business are wide topics which we have discussed in our lectures. I will like to thank you for reading this article, if you have any comments don’t hesitate to drop them.


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